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May 26, 2008 · For example, do truckers get flashed a lot by male car drivers? Are truckers horny almost all the time? Is there a lot of trucker sex that goes on at those highway rest stops and at trucker hotels along the Interstate? BTW, I'm using the term "trucker" here to refer to the guys who drive those huge 18-wheelers. Similar searches gay men truckers gay car park cruising gay truckers gay dungeon truck stop gay gay trucker sex truck stop gay trucker gay flash gay groping public trucker gay truck stop blowjob gay theater cruising gay outinpublic gay bulls gay truck stop gay homemade bareback cum step father gay rest area gay truckers caught old man gay.

Truckers are bothered so much by cruisers that even when they want to sleep its not always that easy. This does not mean to not cruise truckers. I for one always wait till I know for a FACT the other guy is cruising, Knocking on Truck Doors, Walking around the truck when a . We all have to keep in mind that a Truck Stop or a Rest Area is a place of public. What this means is, While you do your cruising there is, kids with there family at the Truck stop, ETC and a certain measure of expertese and practice needs to take place to (PROPERLY CRUISE) these places. And most importantly, So you dont get (ARRESTED!