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About “Tired of Sex” The opening track off of Weezer’s classic sophomore album, Pinkerton. In it, Rivers Cuomo whines about how sex with groupies is becoming increasingly meaningless. Lyrics to "Tired Of Sex" song by Weezer: I'm tired, so tired I'm tired of having sex (so tired) I'm spread so thin I don't know who I am .

Weezer - Tired of Sex Lyrics. I'm tired, so tired I'm tired of having sex (So tired) I'm spread, so thin I don't know who I am (Who I am) Monday night I'm makin' Jen Tue. General Commenti feel this song demonstrates a struggle for alot of guys. it is not exclusive to rock stars. it is a struggle between good and evil, between the primal erge to spread our seed; to mate with many women and the desire to have one "true" companion who you can trust, love, cherish ect. this song is one of my favorites the expression of frustration is amazing.

I still can't believe I really made it out of high school with a sane mind!!! Anyway, "Hash Pipe" also came out and it was such a wild & infectious song. I love it too! So funky & bizarre. Just like me. "Tired of Sex" is so magnetic. Right now it's March 2014 and I hear that Weezer is in the studio working on a new album. Good news! 15 Game Of Thrones' Top Musical Moments; Watch Taylor Swift Party With Katy Perry and RuPaul in New Video; Watch Will Smith perform to iconic song 'Prince Ali' from Aladdi.

"Tired of Sex" is the lone SFTBH song that has survived and appeared on all incarnations of Weezer's second album, including Pinkerton. There are two alternate versions and one demo version of the song currently in circulation. The lyrics remain the same in every rendition, save for one name change. Tired of Sex Lyrics. In order to achieve this sound, Weezer chose not to have a producer work with them. This new sound, however, created a cult-like status and became a part of the “emo culture.” This is in part due to the fact that the songs were written during a dark time in frontman Rivers Cuomo’s life, and were meant to have a “more visceral.