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Since they vary so much from one city or county to the next, make sure you research local adult entertainment laws before starting that type of business. The following is a summary of the various types of strip club laws, and regulations affecting sexually explicit theaters, pornographic video stores, and other adult-oriented businesses. Important Alcohol Laws and Regulations in Nevada. It is illegal for parents or other adults to allow underage drinking or provide minors (under the age of 21) with alcohol. Public intoxication is legal with the exceptions for intoxication involved in civil or criminal offenses like a DUI. Some cities, however.

Question: Adult Entertainment License In Nevada. I am DuJamieich Patski client # 464619 online business registration. I'm starting my ownAdult Entertainment the business name is Las Vegas GroupAdult Entertainment Mckenna's Adult EntertainmentEntertainmentZoun and I reside in . Jan 26, 2015 · istockphoto. Adult film production migrated from California to Nevada after voters in Los Angeles County approved a law requiring condom use Author: AP.

Mar 28, 2015 · Even if the laws were to change and the industry as a whole were to migrate to Nevada, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which was been leading the charge for California's condom laws, would likely push for similar laws in Las Vegas. In late December, at least one adult actor contracted HIV on a set in Nevada.Author: Chris Morris. 5.10.020 Purpose and intent.. It is the purpose of this chapter to regulate adult entertainment businesses and related activities to promote health, safety, morals, and general welfare of the citizens of the city of Kent, and to establish reasonable and uniform regulations to prevent the establishment of adult entertainment businesses in locations within the city which would have a harmful.