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"/aco/ - Adult Cartoons" is 4chan's imageboard for posting western-styled adult cartoon artwork. For the purpose of defining what is anthropomorphic ("furry"), do not post images of characters with muzzles, snouts, or any other major non-human characteristics. Minor features like cat ears are fine. "/gif/ - Adult GIF" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to animated adult GIFs and WEBMs.

It's fine if they want to be another furry image board, but they have to actually contribute something at least a little different from what's already available. Well she reported them for something else which was a very valid complaint. But blocking content going out from e6 to others sites and/or attacking, putting down or attempting to find. (Supports wildcard *) Tags +-1boy 415021 +-1girl 2228531 +-ahoge 243058 +-animated 120295 +-animated gif 78333 +-blonde hair 998124 +-blush 1821714 +-brown eyes 516942 +-brown hair 866463 +-buckethead 61 +-carrying 20904 +-censored 382314 +-chimney 871 +-chiyoda momo 104 +-closed mouth 178354 +-collarbone 233537 +-commentary request 329611 +-demon girl 27850 +-demon .