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Step 1: Contact Dakota County Contact Dakota County Adult Foster Care at 651-554- 6686 or [email protected] Leave your name, address, phone number and email address. You will receive an invite to the next Adult Foster Care Informational Meeting, . Adult family foster care is a licensed, living arrangement that provides food, lodging, supervision, and household services. Providers may also help with personal care and medication assistance. Dakota County, Minnesota.

Adult Foster Care in Dakota County (Colonial House, Foliage House, McAndrews House, River Hills House) is a four-bed Corporate Foster Care program for people whose mental health challenges are currently significant enough to necessitate support and supervision within their residence. Division Name: The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) has delegated the licensing of adult foster homes to the counties. For license information, contact your County Social Services Department or County Human Services Department.

All Adult Foster Care locations are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS). Some people who live in Adult Foster Care may be able to live in the community by getting similar services in their own homes or apartments. Corporate adult foster care providers The State of Minnesota has a moratorium on new corporate adult foster care facilities, and has capped the number of homes allowed. Counties cannot grant licenses for corporate applicants unless those providers plan to .

To provide foster care, individuals must have a license from the Department of Human Services. Many aspects of adult foster care, child foster care and adoption are administered locally, at the county level. For further information about becoming an adult foster care provider, please contact your county or tribal agency DHS-0005 (PDF). Ramsey County Foster Care helps provide temporary homes for children whose parents or guardians cannot take care of them.  When kids cannot live with someone they know, they are matched with a licensed foster care provider. The goal of foster care is to keep children safe while supporting families’ efforts to reunite.

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