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the adult establishment or from the centerline of the ground floor door(s) giving the most direct street access to the adult establishment. Measuring between Two Adult Establishments “A” and “B” When measuring between two adult establishments, the 500-foot distance shall be measured from the center line of the door(s) of the principal. Adult Entertainers and Establishments; Adult Entertainment Definitions An Adult Entertainer Dancer is a person who dances or otherwise performs for or at an erotic dance studio and seeks to arouse or excite the patrons' sexual desires.

ADULT-USE MARIHUANA ESTABLISHMENTS EMERGENCY RULES Filed with the Secretary of State on July 3, 2019 These rules take effect upon filing with the Secretary of State and shall remain in effect for 6 months. (By authority conferred on the marijuana regulatory agency by sections 7 and 8 of the. § 1625 Rules and prohibitions relating to adult entertainment establishments. (a) No adult entertainment establishment shall be established in a shopping area containing 1 or more parcels of land owned by a common owner or owners and having in such area 4 or more retail stores.

New adult establishments are not permitted within a 500 foot radius of established adult establishments, houses of worship and schools. Permitted Between August 8, 2001 and July 9, 2010 An adult establishment that obtained a new building or alteration permit between August 8, 2001 and July.