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adult brat diet - How to Treat Diarrhea (BRAT Diet Method): 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Jun 08, 2017 · Though the BRAT diet stands for bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast, you can have other foods when following this often-recommended plan. We let Author: Ashley Marcin. The BRAT diet was formerly recommended for children recovering from stomach upset, but the American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that children resume a normal diet within 24 hours of becoming sick. The BRAT diet is not considered to contain enough nutrients for optimal recovery.

The BRAT diet is a bland food diet recommended for adults and children. The benefits of using the BRAT diet to treat upset stomach and diarrhea include: The foods used in the diet make your stools firmer. That’s because the foods are considered “binding” foods — low-fiber, bland, starchy.