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SilverSneakers® is an Older Adult and Senior exercise program that is provided free to members of select health care companies. The intent of the SilverSneakers® programs is to provide opportunities for older adults and seniors to attend regular exercise classes to improve health and prevent simple injuries. Therapeutic Recreation Activity & Treatment Ideas. TR Ads - NCTRC Study Guide - RT Store - Activity Store - TR Books - TR Jobs - Easy CEU - Danny Pettry CEU. Activity and Treatment Ideas for Recreation Therapy. Art/Crafts/Cooking. Holiday & Special Events. Therapeutic.

Jan 02, 2018 · In days of yore, “senior fitness” classes often took place at “senior centers” and were often a bit more passive than what many older adults are looking for today. Following are some thoughts to help you develop older adult fitness programming that is . Apr 28, 2014 · With about 10,000 species of birds and only a handful of people who can claim having seen over 7000 of them, bird watching is become a popular recreation activity. It’s believed that bird watching is an expression of the male hunting instinct while others links it Author: Juan Castillo.

the physical and emotional benefits of exercise are increasingly well known, just 40 percent of older adults are engaged in regular leisure-time physical activity. In recent years, researchers and research institutions have begun to develop and test a variety of new evidence-based programs in physical activity, several of which have produced. About Healthy Aging in Parks. A growing body of research shows that regular physical activity through parks and recreation is an essential component of healthy aging. Regular physical activity improves physical function and provides social and mental health benefits that all contribute to improved quality of life for older adults. Read more.