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VU men's basketball team eliminated

The VU Men's Basketball Team lost to the NO.8 seed South Plains in the NJCAA National Championship Tournament. The final score was 80-68. With the loss, VU was eliminated from the tournament.


New skate shop open in Vincennes

Thomas Tucker is the owner of a new skate shop in Vincennes. The store is called Home Base Skate Supply and it is located on 24 N. 4th. St.

Tucker loves the idea of giving kids the supplies they need to skate and also loves influencing others to get into skating. Tucker said that he opened the skate shop to give the skate scene a closer area to chill, meet other local skaters, and for them to get the supplies they need.

"Anything you need for skating we have it." said Tucker. 

Home Base Skate Supply carries over a hundred boards at a time, according to Tucker.


VU defeats Cochise in 90-60 win

The Vincennes University Men’s Basketball team has made it past the first round of the NJCAA National Men’s Basketball Tournament on Monday, March 16.

The 9th seeded Vincennes University Trailblazers, who are now 33-1, conquered the 24th seeded Cochise Apachees monday with a score of 90-60. The game marked the first victory in the tournament for the Men Trailblazers and sets up a second round game with  8th seeded South Plains for March 17 at 5:30 pm.


The true March Madness

68 teams take the stage in one of the biggest sporting events of the year, March Madness. Division one men’s college teams from around the country take part in the National Tournament, which leads to the biggest sports challenge of the year.

Filling out your bracket is the most gut wrenching and complicated thing you must do in all of sports. Though this year we see a clear favorite and also the possibility of many underdogs.


First hand Spring Break advice

Spring Break 2k15! Everybody eagerly awaits it every year. You start counting down the day you return from winter break and immediately start planning where you’ll be staying and which bikini you’ll where on what day. Its supposed to be all fun and games, but as someone who has recently returned from the biggest spring break destination in America I can give you the inside scoop on what really goes on at Panama City Beach.


Stop the Beef Promote the Peace will return after spring break

BMI will hold their annual Stop The Beef Promote The Peace event on Tuesday, March 17 and commence at 7 p.m. Students seeking to make a difference as well as stopping violence in their community are encouraged attend.


Upcoming audition dates for VU's Got Talent

VU’s Got Talent will hold auditions for students on Monday, March 16.  Auditions will be held in the Greens Activities Center and commence at 5 p.m.  Students that fill they have talent whether its singing, dancing, or comedy are encouraged to attend. Previous sign-ups are required.


Gaming club hosts 24-hour LAN party

For a full 24 hours, VU’s Gaming club hosted a LAN (Local Area Network) party on Friday, Feb. 27 in the Wathen Business building.

There is normally a 12-hour LAN party on the last Friday of every month, beginning at 8 p.m., and a 24-hour LAN party on the last LAN party of the semester, according to Daniel Riggs, Gaming club advisor and assistant professor.

However, due to weather concerns the 24-hour LAN party that was supposed to take place in Dec. was cancelled, and made up for by having a 24-hour LAN party in Feb, according to Riggs.


Meet Virgil Franklin, VU’s esteemed audio recording professor

Virgil Franklin is one of Vincennes University’s esteemed faculty team members.  Franklin worked as an assistant professor for three years until he was promoted to a full-time professor upon his fourth year; he teaches a wide range of subjects such as audio recording, pro-tool certification, reason certification (software packages that go along with the major), film scoring and sound design.


Baseball game cancelled

All VU home games has been cancelled. Enjoy your weekend Trailblazers.



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